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motor terbaru We are grateful for the trust of consumers in Indonesia against the CR-V, so that this model continues to be the highest since the first till the third generation now,” added Jonfis.In addition to the CR-V, the largest contribution to Honda’s sales in September came from the Honda Jazz which recorded sales of 1070 units in September. Thus, sales of Honda Jazz in this year has reached 16,599 units and led the hatchback segment with a market share. Entering the tenth year since the launch in Indonesia, Honda CR-V continues to be consistent with record sales continues to be a market leader in the SUV class. Proven until last September, the CR-V achieved the highest market share, amounting to 35% in its class with sales of 12,148 units this year.Although interrupted by fewer working days in September, accompanied also by many purchases have been made in the mid-year and ahead of . In September alone, the Honda CR-V still recorded sales of 841 units. That number exceeds the sales of half a month from sales of the CR-V normally. This proves that consumer demand for Indonesia against the Honda CR-V is still very high. Thus, since its launch in 2000 until today, total sales of the CR-V has reached 93,512 units which represent the largest selling SUV model.

motor terbaru According Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & aftersales service Director PT HPM, CR-V is a product that is very important to Honda and in Indonesia, as a pillar of the sale together with the Honda Jazz and Honda Freed. “The presence of CR-V Honda’s business in Indonesia raised to a much higher level, both in terms of sales and production. As a model produced in the country, the CR-V also became involved giving kontirbusi development for the national automotive industry. No less important, in October of this Honda CR-V re-awarded the ICSA in 2010 for the third consecutive year as a sign of recognition of customer satisfaction. In addition to the Honda Jazz that consumers continue to demand, consumer demand for the Honda Freed is also very high so far. In total, sales of the new Honda Freed, there were 898 units in September and has achieved 12% market share in the MPV class. During the year 2010, the Honda Freed has sold over 9257 units.
Meanwhile, the All New Honda Odyssey sold 42 units in September or as many as 323 units during the year 2010. That number has even exceeded the sales targets set by PT Honda Prospect Motor of 250 units this year.
From the sedan segment, the Honda Accord sold 210 units in September 2010, with 27% market share in the medium class sedan. New Honda Civic has sold over 205 units and a market leader in the class small sedan with a market share of 55%.Other Honda sedan, All New Honda City recorded sales of 238 units in September. During the year 2010, the All New Honda City have sold over 2833 units throughout Indonesia and has a market share of 36% in the mini-class sedan *.
In total, sales of Honda until the third quarter of 2010 stood at 44,458 units with a market share of 8%. In September 2010 alone, Honda’s record sales figure of 3504 units throughout motor terbaru.


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